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Support group, not so supportive

April 29, 2010

I went to my breastfeeding support group yesterday at my local hospital. When I was on maternity leave I went weekly and now that I’m back at work I go maybe once every 2 months. They have a scale, so I weighed my baby and freaked when I saw he’d lost just under a pound since his 6 mo check up (2 months ago).

I talked to the Lactation Consultant at my group about it and she gave me THE worst advice ever! I explained to her that he’s active, hitting milestones, having wet/poopy diapers, happy, and sleeping throught the night. I asked her if his activity level could have anything to do with it. She told me that 11-12 hrs is too long for him to sleep at night and that I should wake him up in the middle of the night to feed him. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! Who the hell wakes up an 8 month old that’s sleeping peacefully through the night? He’s NOT going to go back to sleep if I do that! He’s not a sleepy newborn and his sleeping isn’t going to mess up our breastfeeding success by interrupting supply and demand. Hell, I think an 8 month old baby SHOULD be sleeping through the night or at least getting close! Most parents are thrilled to have that!!

I even explained to her that it sounds like a long time but he usually doesn’t nap more than 20 minutes during the day. 10-12 hrs a night is the only sleep he really gets in a day and 12 hrs is a good amount of total sleep for an 8 month old. She proceeded to talk down to me and read me the riot act of what solid foods are okay for a baby to have. I already told her I feed him solids and that I offer a variety. She also knows this is my 3rd baby – I know what solid foods are good for an 8 month old. She also knows that Graham and I are slender people and our other baby together was little too. I was fuming by the time I left!

Here’s the story behind my kid and what I think the issue is :

He’s become VERY active. He crawls everywhere (and he is FAST! lol) and he’s even begun pulling up and standing. I would guess some weight loss is a result of his higher activity level. The rest I absolutely will take the blame for – his hunger cues are different than they used to be; he gets a little fussy and then gets distracted by playing. I will make sure to offer him milk more often so his distraction doesn’t make him miss feedings. He also LOVES to feed himself but I don’t think an adequate amount of food is getting in. My solution is to go back to purees to make sure he’s getting enough in and try again with self-feeding later.

These are all things I was waiting for her to discuss with me but instead she gave me what I think is crappy advice.

I want to know if YOU have ever gotten crappy advice from a Lactation Consultant or a Pediatrician? Did you follow your own instincts? Did it work out in the end?